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This program is ago the same as the ohm's law programs previously published on this site and constituteThe coding was done with Python. The interface (GUI) was made with PyQt4. GPL - 2 licenseds a different aspect of the PtQt interface.
Mehmet Yılmaz 11.10.2019
When the circuit initializes it displays the character "M" as it is programmed. Pressing decrease button (left button in the breadboard) counts the characters backward  and pressing (right button in the breadboard) increase button  counts forward.
Mehmet Yılmaz 03.04.2017
With this circuit, the push-button information is sent to the phone via the HC-06 bluetooth module. The circuit must be fed with 5Vdc.
The circuit's work: When it press the first button when it is send "Teknomerkez - Teknoloji Merkezi" text to the phone.
Mehmet Yılmaz 28.03.2017
The circuit is shown how to make the 7-segment display with pic ASM. The circuit is feeding with 5 volt.
Mehmet Yılmaz 25.03.2017
Our day, people meet a large part of their needs with electrical energy. In fact, if we consider a wristwatch from the simplest, and take into account that this wristwatch is worn 24 hours a day in most people, we can say that the use of electrical energy of this person is continuous.
Yaşar Acar 24.02.2007